Several different homes were built in Bentonville’s Arts District over the course of almost four years of design and construction.


Architects: Robert Sharp Architects, Burris Architecture, Build Collective
Interior Design: Corrie Rusch

Residential: 12 single family homes
Parking: Parallel parking installed across three city blocks, attached/designated garages for each single family home.

Several different design partners were used for the various projects. Each partner brought their own flavor to the street, while maintaining a fresh and clean feel with traditional to modern details.


Construction started on the first project in 2015 and is ongoing. All projects included significant streetside improvements. Plans included attention to water drainage, preserving mature trees, and installing easy to manage and attractive landscaping. Improved sidewalks were installed at all properties, completely changing the way the pedestrian interacts with what used to be a curbless street.



SW B Street is located on the edge of downtown Bentonville’s Arts District, and just one street over from SW A Street, a major artery connecting the Bentonville Square to Highway 71 and 412. The first houses to be completed brought awareness to the street and supported the first businesses that opened at “The Hub” located on SW A Street between SW 4th and SW 6th Streets.

The location of this neighborhood called for residential options. Residents can easily walk to downtown offices, shops, restaurants, and businesses. The variety of structures allows for many different residential demographics, from the first-time renter, to the family home owner, to the empty-nest owner or renter.

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Several of these projects are available for lease and managed by Wheelhouse Real Estate Management.

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Bentonville, Arkansas
Downtown Bentonville Arts District