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Building amazing properties

A home is more than just a house, or apartment, or four-walled structure. It’s a feeling you get when you drive up, walk through the door, look out the window. It’s that familiar and comforting smell that greets you upon entering. It’s a sense of safety and security you don’t feel anywhere else. No one can build or develop a home, it’s a secret recipe each individual concocts for themselves. What we can do, is give you the ingredients to cook yours up.

Newell Development prides itself on selecting locations, designers, builders, materials, and a general aesthetic that lends itself to the creation of a “home”. While we only build the four-walled structure, we set up our clients to finish the project and show off their personalities. So that they can create a space they look forward to being in and take pride in calling “home”.

Our projects are diverse, we’ve worked on single family homes, multifamily buildings, and multi-use complexes. We focus on core developments- projects located in or near activated neighborhoods (like downtown Bentonville). Our partners take the same attention to detail as we do, whether it’s creating an efficient layout for townhouses, or a clean and modern interior design that will feel fresh for decades. We love working with inspired and hard working individuals. It’s part of what makes our buildings amazing.




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